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Our 1st New Wooden Gig – ‘Pulpit Rock’ was collected from W.C. Hunkin & Son Boatbuilder of Fowey, Cornwall, on the 9th February 2013.

Louis Hunkin hands ‘Pulpit Rock’ over to Simon Walker, Chairman at the time.


Our 1st Wooden Gig – ‘Chesil’ was purchased from Dart Pilot Gig Club during Autumn 2012 and refinished in PGRC colours. She was built in 1997 by B Pomeroy and was previously named ‘Volante’.


Our 2nd GRP Gig – ‘Great Ope’ was launched in May 2011. The name was voted in by club members and christened by Wendy Stenhouse. Bridport joined with our club members for a BBQ and team races.

Wendy Stenhouse christening ‘Great Ope’ under the watchful eye of Dave Ferris a club founder member and Chairman at the time.


Our 1st GRP Gig – ‘Big Ope’ was launched in September 2010 with an official naming service conducted by Geoff King, who gave an enjoyable and interesting service with celtic and traditional boating origins.
The service was held at the Portland Marina slipway and the boat was named by Russ Levett – benefactor of Portland Rowing Club and Marina Manager.

‘Big Ope’ waiting to be taken to sea.


Our 1st Boat – ‘Church Ope’ was bought from Westover Rowing Club and after a lot of hard work by Pete Sedgwick of Swanage to replace 26 ribs, reform the shape and fit 2,640 copper rivets it was returned to its former glory.

This 1960s Classic 30ft Galley was manufactured in Portsmouth and with help from the HMP YOI on Portland it was sanded down and re-varnished.

The galley required a few metal furnishings which were manufactured by South Dorset Engineering. In 2012 after several years use, ‘Church Ope’ was sold to Langstone Cutters Rowing Club.